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Dear Musicians,

We write to share with you an update concerning our ongoing negotiations with the orchestra union, Local 802, AFM.  Talks between DCINY and the union are ongoing and, contrary to what is being shared by some parties, have not ‘broken down’. Many points have reached agreement while DCINY negotiates on a contract that is equitable to ALL musicians that have performed with us and would like to continue performing with us. Central to their demands is a requirement that DCINY give priority in hiring to a select few musicians chosen by Local 802 and over all of the rest of those who have been playing with us for several years.

DCINY is committed to balancing our mission to provide performance opportunities for amateur, educational, and pre-professional vocal ensembles from around the world while providing opportunities to hire orchestra members as dictated by the needs of our clients and repertoire.  To that end, we have negotiated with Local 802 in good faith, and the parties have reached agreement on many items.

The negotiations – like our operations and the operations of so many – were stalled by the pandemic, but we returned to the bargaining table last year, as we were recommencing operations and met with Local 802 regularly thereafter.  While operations have resumed, they have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. This return is a long and unpredictable process as singers, families, community, church ensembles and schools slowly rebuild their ability to travel to New York City. We continue to see increased concert activity and hope to continue in the years to come, but in the meantime, we’d like to have agreed upon terms and conditions of employment applicable to the work available.

Throughout the negotiations process these past 3+ years, we have refrained from sharing any details of the negotiations to date, preferring to discuss those details in the bi-weekly meetings taking place with Local 802.  Unfortunately, after exhausting discussions on all proposals, we have not reached agreement on several key items, even after the intervention of a Federal Mediator.  The Union has threatened that it will put its PR machine and all resources at its disposal into action to pressure DCINY in to giving Local 802 what they demand.  Earlier in the negotiations clients, choirs, singers, industry partners, and others received unsolicited communications reportedly from Local 802 which contained inaccurate statements, and which put our work with singers and musicians at great risk, so we know their threat is not a hollow one.

We wanted to clarify about the situation before you hear from Local 802 or from their PR machine and share with you a few key facts surrounding the negotiations so that you have some insight into the process that has led to this point:

  • The Union has insisted that DCINY agree to offer all work to certain select musicians, as chosen by Local 802, rather than to the entire community of musicians who have played with DCINY in the recent past.  DCINY has objected and sought a more fair and equitable distribution of work via a rotation system for all musicians who have been offered work by DCINY.
  • DCINY has offered the Union an agreement which includes financial improvements to musicians totaling an increase of more than 13% immediately once an agreement is ratified.  That 13% includes a wage increase as well as a contribution toward the Local 802 Health Benefit Fund per engagement.  The Union’s economic demands exceed an increase of a whopping 46%!
  • The Union has unnecessarily complicated the negotiations by raising various subjects throughout the negotiations which are not part of musicians’ employment or covered by the certification of the union as bargaining representative, and to this day Local 802 continues to insist that DCINY waste time and resources negotiating over and reaching agreement concerning various subjects which are not now nor have ever been part of DCINY concerts such as run-out engagements, tours, and certain recording related obligations. 

DCINY has shared a copy of our new work agreement to Local 802, and with musicians directly and hope that they will recognize it as a fair and equitable first contract which provides for significant increases in compensation and an equitable distribution of work inclusive of ALL DCINY musicians. 

We want to apologize to you, our clients and partners from across the world, if you have been unnecessarily dragged into these negotiations by way of the negative and misleading pressure campaign from Local 802. Representatives from Local 802 have already attempted to intimidate and pressure High School directors, students and their parents from participating with DCINY, handed out flyers to middle school performers as they entered the stage door, and disrupted paid ticket holders’ access to Carnegie Hall for DCINY performances. If they attempt to directly engage with you, please encourage to Local 802 accept DCINY’s offer so that we can achieve a union contract and provide to you the increased compensation we have offered to Local 802.  We look forward to having you sing with us in the near future.


Iris and Jonathan