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Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) is the leading producer of dynamically charged musical excellence.

With its unforgettable, world-class concert experiences, empowering educational programs, and global community of artists and audiences, DCINY Changes Lives through the Power of Performance.

Culture & Values

Life-Changing Experiences

DCINY offers unforgettable performances in extraordinary concert halls, accessible to all audiences.

World-Class Quality

DCINY is passionately committed to maintaining the highest standard of professional performance experience.

Empowering Education

DCINY promotes personal development through artistic expression, enriching the lives of its artists and audiences alike.

Building Community

DCINY cares deeply about creating long-term relationships and connections that lead to success for all involved.

Values/Operating Principles to Guide Our Work

Teamwork and Collaboration

We want everyone to succeed at our company and we reach out to work with everyone with a teaming spirit; individual and team success are intertwined.

Energy, Enthusiasm, and Urgency

We bring enthusiasm and energy to all of our activity; we work in a fast paced and exciting environment that can also be demanding.

Creativity and Learning

We encourage and share ideas and take reasonable risks to further our mission; we take pride in what we do and always look for ways to improve and do things better; we learn as we go and educate ourselves, we are hungry for learning and make “smart mistakes”, we think outside the box, we gladly wear the “bunny suit”.

Openness and Trust

We deliver on our promises, we communicate openly, we admit mistakes; we work to see all sides of an issue; we confer with each other to reach good decisions; we seek to get to resolution and stand behind our decisions and support each other.

Focus on Results and be Accountable

We balance attention to detail while seeing the big picture; we do what it takes to get the job done; we are not clock watchers but rather self motivated and take initiative.

High Work Ethic

As an entrepreneurial growing company we all work hard to make a difference and also have fun! We take pride in our work and contribution; we set goals and work to achieve success.

We Additionally Commit Ourselves to the Following

Charitable Donations

A minimum of 1% of annual total ticket inventory is donated at no cost to worthy members of the community and charitable organizations.

Volunteer Efforts

We encourage our staff as a representative of DCINY to take 1 pre-approved day a year, with pay, to volunteer and work with a non-profit charity with a direct link to music and/or music education supporting our local community.