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The Drop Of Dawn

Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall


Jonathan Griffith, DCINY Artistic Director and Principal Conductor
The Drop that Contained the Sea (World Premiere)

Christopher Tin, DCINY Composer-in-Residence
Christopher Tin: Calling All Dawns

Also Featuring:

Jerome Kavanagh, Maori Chanter

Roopa Mahadevan, Indian Classical Vocalist

Charity Dawson, Mezzo-Soprano

Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, Mezzo-Soprano

Saum Eskandani, Tenor

Shiv Subramaniam, Indian Classical Vocalist

Taniya Panda, Indian Classical Vocalist

Shobana Ram, Indian Classical Vocalist

Nominjin, Mongolian Singer

Nathalie Pires, Fadista

Participating Groups

LaSalle-Peru Twp. High School Concert Choir and Chamber Singers

Angel City Chorale

Kelvin High School Choir

Badger High School Vocal Ensemble

Mount Rainier High School Choir

Vancouver Orchestra Club (VOC Choir)

Wissahickon High School Choir

Oak Park High School Choir

Hunter Huss High School Choir

Burr & Burton Academy Vocal Music Ensemble

Mt. Vernon Senior High School Fine Arts Academy Chamber Choir

The Combined Choral Ensembles of Davidson Fine Arts School

Prima Vocal Ensemble

Westminster Chorale

Special Guests


Artist's Name

Christopher Tin

Artist's Name

Jerome Kavanagh

Artist's Name

Jonathan Griffith

Artist's Name

Charity Dawson

Artist's Name

Saum Eskandani

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