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What About Us

Jazz at Lincoln Center - The Allen Room


Darcy Reese, Director
Lincoln Gospel Choir

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Robert Robinson, Soloist

Darnell Davis, Soloist

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Lincoln Gospel Choir

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Darcy Reese

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Lincoln Gospel Choir
Darcy Reese

Todayʼs youth taking on tough issues using song and dance to illustrate a more positive and peaceful world. Professional gospel singers join the 84 voiced choir to bring the thrill of gospel and pop to new heights.

The "What About Us" Gospel Choir
The Hero Inside Shines is our motto. T.H.I.S. movement is our way. We refuse to let the world be as it is. We refuse to blind ourselves by excuses and lies. We are determined to have an effect on this world. We will persevere to change our world one action, one note at a time. T.H.I.S. is our movement. T.H.I.S. is us.